Evernote Resourceswww.evernote.com


  • available on pretty much every device
  • completely free (unless paying for pro account for more storage)
  • can store, tag, share files, notes, images, video
  • on many devices can speak and it will put into text
  • works in conjunction with free tool Skitch to take images and annotate them and then store in Evernote
  • you can send material to Evernote via email
  • many different iOS apps (iPod, iPhone, iPad) work with Evernote to share
  • under 13, teacher or parent assumes responsibility for account

Ideas on how to use Evernote

  • for students to keep notes on (then accessible from any device and can be shared with teacher)
  • for teacher to provide feedback to student (take picture or upload file and then provide an audio recording or written feedback)
  • for students to provide feedback to each other
  • to share materials with entire class
  • for students to store and collect material or research collaboratively
  • archive twitter feeds using ifttt.com (example: I use ifttt.com to take all tweets with hashtag #gr9sci and put into an Evernote note so that students who do not use twitter can access and view as well. I also take all tweets from Chris Hadfield, Canadian Space Agency and NASA and put them into an Evernote)

Getting started: