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  • Facebook-like social environment
  • locked down, unlike Facebook (no hidden student-student communication, all visible to teacher)
  • can post documents, resources, video, discussions, quizzes, grades, etc.
  • free
  • web-based and available on any device, also free apps for iOS devices to make it easier
  • under 18 yrs old are expected to have parent permission to use tool and create accounts

Ideas for Classroom Use:

  • to provide descriptive feedback on ideas, posts, discussions
  • to provide descriptive feedback on submitted files
  • to allow students to get feedback from peers in a discussion format
  • to practice, support and encourage accountable talk in online discussions
  • to collaborate with other classes
  • to encourage student self-directed learning and sharing (posting links, responses to media, etc.)
  • for collaboration in small groups

Getting Started: