provincial learning management system


  • licensed by Ministry of Education for all public school boards
  • each school board has someone responsible
  • you must contact your own school board to gain access to courses
  • works well on iPads (except for some interactive tutorial content that require flash). There is a workaround to upload files (take a picture/screenshot of it and save to photo roll on iPad. Then when uploading, upload the image)
  • works well on laptops and Blackberry Playbook (can upload documents and use all interactive content)

Potential Uses in Classroom:

  • can provide written, audio or video descriptive feedback to files the student uploads to the dropbox, discussion forums and quizzes
  • iPad app called D2L Grader allows you do view and mark (written, audio recording, video recording) on iPad
  • iPad app called Binder allows you to take content you have uploaded to D2L and highlight, annotate, markup (great for using with a projector as a class or in partners to summarize and review content)
  • ePortfolio component grows with them, there is an ePortfolio app for iPhones

Getting Started: